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Ranger Corridor comprises three new directional trails meant for the progressive rider.  These trails are CURRENTLY CLOSED, but they will open on November 7, 2021. Join us for the grand opening ceremony at 10:00 am and then drop into these bad boys all day long.

Ranger - With 40 berms back-to-back, Ranger is a nonstop experience that will entertain and challenge intermediate and advanced riders. This blue-level flow trail features tighter trees as well as natural, rooty, and rocky sections for riders looking to take the next step up in their skills after mastering Port Gamble’s classic “Derailed” flow trail.


Cool Runnings - A black diamond flow trail with unrelenting back to back turns, drops, jumps, pumps and rhythm sections that push you to the limit from start to finish. This is the trail you deserve but never knew you needed. A feature rich, action packed “turn-track” tailor made for advanced riders. Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it’s bobsled time! COOL RUNNINGS!

Owl Pacino – a double black diamond machine-built jump trail featuring 13 mandatory gap-jumps ranging from 5-25ft in distance and 18 sweeping berms. Mandatory features include step downs, step ups, doubles and drops. This new jump trail is sure to challenge advanced riders looking to grab some airtime on the West Puget Sound!

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