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2019 Evergreen Summer Events Guide

Our calendar is chock full of fun celebrations to mark mountain biking’s busiest season across Washington. Now, it’s up to you to decide – where will you explore?

Evergreen’s eight regional chapters work hard to advocate for their local trails and bring new trails online. They also know how to throw a damn good party!

Click below to check out the Summer lineup!

Bike Raffle to Support the Future Ride Park!

Be sure to stop by Silverdale Cyclery and get your raffle tickets for this SWEET 2019 Cannondale Jekyll 3 29er. 


Proceeds will go to the future Ride Park located in the Port Gamble forest.

Silverdale Cyclery has been such a BIG supporter of all things Evergreen and this is not the first time they have donated a bike for our local trails. 


Please be sure to stop by, get some raffle tickets, and show your thanks by checking out what they have in the shop!

The winner will be announced April 27th at the annual Green Party on Green Mountain. Winners do NOT have to be present (details of the Green Party will be announced soon).

Biketoberfest Re-naming CONTEST!!!

We received news that the name Biketoberfest is trademarked by another group in Florida and as we have been using that name for six years, we decided this could be a FUN way to get you all involved!  So we are having a renaming contest!!! 

Submit your entries for a NEW (an improved) name for our annual West Sound bike festival throughout the month of January.


The winner and the new name will be announced in February. The winner will get 15 seconds of fame (just kidding - waay more than 15 seconds) but LOTS of props and a surprise gift!


CRITERIA: Unique and original - something that does not come up on a Google search, Catchy, and Bike Related.

Email your entry to westsound@evergreenmtb.org

We are teaming up with the Evergreen Turtle Rockets trail runners for the first work party of the year on Green Mountain!

As the ground is still frozen, we will remain flexible on which trails we will tackle! 

We will be meeting at the Gold Creek Trailhead (TH) at 9am, there will be cookies and coffee provided so don your boots and gloves and get ready to get dirty!

***Discover Pass Required!

West Sound Annual Membership Meeting

We are kicking the New Year off with the annual Membership Meeting and we want YOU there! 


This is your opportunity to hear what West Sound has planned for 2019, so please join us on Wednesday, January 16 at 6:30 pm at Western Red Brewing.

You will find out about current projects that are under way like Green Mountain, Port Gamble Ride Park, membership status, chapter financials, Biketoberfest recap, 2019 Goals, strategies, and much more!

Evergreen West Sound's success in 2019 depends on all of YOUR support! Your first pint of Western Red is on us and food will be provided. Make sure to bring a friend becuase we need ALL hands on deck and this is going to be an EPIC year!

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