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7 Reasons to become a member

Evergreen West Sound is partnering with businesses in the West Sound area.

When you show them your current membership card (screen shot on phone or paper copy) you will receive discounts when you shop, eat, or stop for a cold refreshing beverage. 

Cash Brewing

HARDTAIL BLONDE is a vibrant straw yellow summer sipper. Brewed with Two row an Vienna malts along with German Northern Brewer hops giving this Blonde Ale its light hoppy and refreshing finish.


This beer was created to help support and bring awareness to our local biking community.  Cash Brewing has partnered with Evergreen West Sound to help celebrate the members gracious efforts to keep PNW trails maintained and beautiful.

Stop by (with your membership card) and 50 cents on every pint of Hardtail Blonde sold in restaurant goes to Evergreen West Sound!  Plus receive 10% off your food purchases!

Western Red Brewing



Stop by (with your membership card) and receive 50 cents off every pint sold in restaurant.


Want to offer a discount?

Would you like to become a participating business to offer discounts on products or services to Evergreen MTB members?

Send an email to: marketingwestsound@evergreenmtb.org